What is Mid Level Meeple?

Mid Level Meeple is a board game design company, founded by me, Jonathan Hartzell. I fell in love with board games at an early age and never stopped designing them. I know that there are many great games out there, but I believe I can bring something fresh to the table. Mid Level Meeple pledges to bring you games that are simple enough to learn, yet complex enough to satisfy. Games that revolve around strategic choices, but don't throw out the rousing highs and lows of chance. Games, if you will, for "Mid Level Meeple" like you and me!

What is Gunfights & Gamblin'?

Gunfights & Gamblin' is the first finished game I am launching. It is a game that has been played, tested and reviewed by countless strangers and always comes back a hit! I have shown it at Origins, Buckeye Game Fest, Cincy Con, Cin City Con, Acadecon, and others. If you own Tabletop Simulator and want to give it a try for yourself, check it out right here: Tabletop Simulator Link

How can I buy a copy?

Lots of ways! First of all, directly from my website right here: MLM STORE. Second, by coming to see me and playing the game for yourself at conventions! See a list of where I’ll be right here: Conventions. Finally, the game will be made available to local retailers, starting in the Ohio area first, but details are still being worked out. I will let you know via our Facebook and Twitter accounts when deals are finalized!