My name is Jonathan Hartzell and I have been a board game enthusiast since my dad introduced me to Risk as a child.

I was mesmerized by the tiny soldiers, the epic dice battles, and the exciting blend of strategy and luck. Before long, I was creating my own game ideas and foisting them shamelessly upon my siblings. 

Childhood came and went, but my passion for board games didn't. Even in college, slogging through difficult engineering courses I always found time to tweak my latest game ideas and play them with my friends.

After college, I discovered "Euro" games, and like many other board game fans my eyes were opened to a whole new genre of strategic gaming. I began to realize the importance of razor-fine game balance and decision making and decided to put these lessons to good use.

Now, I don't just make "Euro" games, but I do try to take the lessons I've learned from them to heart. Because of that, here's what you will get from a Mid Level Meeple Game:

- Mechanics that are smooth, fun, and honed to perfection.

- Plenty of strategy, with just enough luck sprinkled in to give  everyone a chance to succeed.

- Mid-level complexity -- the kind of games newcomers and hard core enthusiasts can enjoy alike.

- My personal passion, time and attention to a hobby I love dearly!


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